Following the Maure’s steps, their legends still alive in the palaces where they lived, and in the statues reproducing their features, you will recall the Marco Polo age and the magic Oriental atmosphere.

Venice is not just the marvellous city we all know. It was a melting pot, a meeting point of different cultures, civilizations and traditions. So few steps away from the main street and its busy market, you’ll find yourself in a completely different atmosphere, in the Jewish Ghetto. Thanks to this photo tour, you can explore its tall buildings and quiet squares, just across the canal, again a sudden change of landscape: the Maure’s palaces.

Their stone heads staring at you from the corner of the wall, their camel telling a story of long journey from Orient. Here were, and still are, their palaces, decorated with memories of happy or sad events of their adventurous lives. This walk will lead us to a most romantic small square. On its pavement, dating back to 1200, were built 2 churches next to each other. You will see, and walk across, the only bridge in Venice without side protections (in old times all bridges were built that way). The walk will terminate near the Cà d’Oro.


Prices for individuals (1 non-photographer guest, is welcome for free)

  • € 130,00 for 2h photo tour

  • € 160,00 for 2,5h photo tour

  • € 300,00 for 5h photo tour

Prices for 2 or 3 persons (1 non-photographer guest per person attending, is welcome for free)

  • € 160,00 for 2h photo tour

  • € 200,00 for 2,5h photo tour

  • € 380,00 for 5h photo tour

Prices extra partecipants

  • € 20,00/PAX for 2h photo tour

  • € 30,00/PAX for 2,5h photo tour

  • € 40,00/PAX for 5h photo tour

  • FREE Children up to 18 years

Starting point

From the train station or from the Guglie’s bridge, or directly from your hotel!