Light in Venice can be harsh, soft, wrapping, slashing, sumptuous, glowing, ethereal, muted, brash, contrasty, clean, just to give you some examples.

While we will enjoy the real Venice, I’ll show you how to use the settings of your camera: Manual mode, Aperture priority, Iso, in order to get the perfect exposure in every situation. Furthermore, you will learn how light can be a very interesting and creative element. No matters if you have a new or and old camera, the settings for a perfect exposure are always the same, since the first picture taken in 1826, and I’ll show you that!


Prices for individuals (1 non-photographer guest, is welcome for free)

  • € 130,00 for 2h photo tour
  • € 160,00 for 2,5h photo tour
  • € 300,00 for 5h photo tour

Prices for 2 or 3 persons (1 non-photographer guest per person attending, is welcome for free)

  • € 160,00 for 2h photo tour
  • € 200,00 for 2,5h photo tour
  • € 380,00 for 5h photo tour

Prices extra partecipants

  • € 20,00/PAX for 2h photo tour
  • € 30,00/PAX for 2,5h photo tour
  • € 40,00/PAX for 5h photo tour
  • FREE Children up to 18 years

Starting point

From the Rialto Bridge or S. Marco’s square, or directly from your hotel!