During my guided Photo Tour in Venice, you will discover another City, off the beaten track. I will show you the Venice unknown to the hurried crowd of tourist and I will be by your side to give you tips about how to get the best picture in every situation. You will get a professional photographer who, having visited every secret corner of this incredible City, wishes to share with you during the Photo Walk the emotions and the magic atmosphere of Venice.

There is another Venice, so different from the one laid out for tourists groups and postcards, that is the Venice I would like you to discover. I’ll guide you through hidden corners, smelling history, small squares where you can experience the real life of Venice.

The Photo Composition

The Photo Composition is a key element for every photographer, and during this Photo Tour we will learn how to create wonderful images in every situation! Let me show you how to put more stories inside your picture, as a Leica Ambassador does.

Following the Moors’ steps, their legends still alive in the palaces where they lived, and in the statues reproducing their features, you will recall the Marco Polo age and the magic Orient. Few steps away from the main street, you’ll find yourself in a completely different atmosphere.

The Perfect Exposure

Your pictures sometimes are too bright or too dark and you would like to know how to fix it forever? During this Photo Tour we will focus mainly on the correct exposure, and you will be able to use available light as a creative element!

You will see how much more interesting it is to walk away from the crowds, exploring quiet “calli”, shadowed courtyards and little squares. I’ll guide you in discovering the true Venetian activities, craft and every day’s life go on as it did in the past centuries, in all shipyards, little shops and “osterie”, where the real heart of Venice beats.

Not only photos

Not only photography, but also deep knowledge of the places we’re going to see. Trust only a certified and legally allowed Tour leader who can show this badge.