Photo books about Venice and its countryside.

Photo books by Marc De Tollenaere: a 10- years journey around Venice and its Region.

One of the most important challenge as a photographer is to work on essays, non just on the single picture. Venice is, of course, a treasure of art, beauty, and hidden corners, unknown to the most part of people and this is something I want to share with you during a Photo walk. My photographic journey took me all around Venice and its Region for 10 years and more and it’s only after been shooting hundreds rolls of slides and thousands of digital images that I realized I could start publishing books. For that purpose I had the chance to meet Biblos, the best editor for fine-art books, who published some best-sellers as “Venetians Interiors” and “Gran teatro La Fenice”. We started our collaboration by publishing two books, and the first was “Venice on the edge of light”, presented to the public and the press in the magic atmosphere of Caffé Florian in San Marco’s Square in 2007, and then “Gondole” in 2009.

The Veneto Region is the land of images too, so with Biblos in the next years I published many photographic books about every single province (Verona, Vicenza, Treviso, Padova, Rovigo, Belluno). And, as it’s written in the introduction of the book “From Veneto to Veneto”: “If some divinity should ultimately appear and ask the whereabouts of that land where imagination becomes tangible, the miracle is here. Such a place is to be found in the Veneto countryside, from the pensive blue-grey of its mountains to the vibrant red of its towers and castles, from the gold of its rivers to the subtle green of its lagoons. This is the welcome frontier of a world of images which have descended from the heavens; which here take on “a local habitation and a name”, breathe a life as gentle as silence.”