The Church of San Francesco della Vigna

Photo Tour in front of the Church of San Francesco della Vigna

The main door of the Church of San Francesco della Vigna

These children were playing in front of the door of the Church of San Francesco della Vigna, in the district of Castello. One good thing about children is that you can follow them and, be sure, something interesting will happen! Leica M 240 with 28mm Elmarit. 1/250s f11 iso 800. May be you would like to know why I used iso 800, even though I was  not in an interior. The answer is simple: in street photography I normally use the "hyperfocal", which means that I set the focusing distance at 2mt, and then I colse the aperture at f/8 or f/11, and I know that whit a 28mm like in this particular case, everywhere I will point everything will be on focus starting from 1,2mt.

Children playing in San Francesco della Vigna

When the door is open, during a Photo Tour, I like to go inside this almost untouched corner of Venice, and see what happens.


In a very popular area of Venice, Castello, there is this almost untouched corner, behind the church of San Francesco della Vigna. The door is often closed, but when it's possible I like to go inside and see what happens. In this particular case there were some children playing near the bottom of the bell tower. Leica M240 with the 28mm Elmarit 2,8 asph. 1/60s f10, iso 400.