The feast of Souls in the island of San Michele.

How to get the best result out of a very difficult light!

The interiors of palaces or churches in Venice are often offering a good opportunity for a great picture!


Venetians interiors are always giving me creative vitamins for a frame. In this particular case, I was in the Island of San Michele, and inside this small chapel I noticed the incredible light coming from the windows. The deal was to include the scene and the window themselves, so I use a wide angle such as the 28mm. Taken with a Leica M 240, 28mm Elmarit, 1/45s f6,8, iso 400. Of course the windows are over-exposed, because I decided to expose for the shadows, in order to give details in the interior.

The cloister of San Francesco della Vigna

What a pleasant and quiet hidden place! 

During a Private Photo Workshop in Venice, this is one of my favorite places to talk about composition and framing.


The cloister of San Francesco della Vigna is beside the Franciscan's church. It's a quiet, almost untouched Venetian corner. Especially during Summer, when outside it's very hot, it's nice to sit down here a little bit, so we can have a look at the pictures we took so far during the Photo Tour, and start to talk about composition. Picture taken with a Leica M 240, 28mm Elmarit f2,8: 1/60s f/8 iso 400.