The Photo Tour in the hidden courtyards of Venice.

In street photography, you should always look in any direction.

After so many years wondering around Venice, during a Photo Walk I still found untouched corners I never went inside before!


The good thing is that I learned how to speak Venetian. In this particular case, I was holding a Photo walk with a very nice couple and while we were walking around the district of Castello, I saw this vaporetto made by hand. I saw it from far, as it was in a private courtyard, and we went inside. The owner of this vaporetto was repairing some parts of it and I talked with him a little bit (in Venetian, of course). Then he was very proud when I told him that we would have liked to take a picture. Taken with Leica M 240, 28mm Elmarit f2,8; 1/15s f11, iso 200. In order to get a very good depht-of-field I closed the aperture at f11, and the very soft shutter of the Leica M240 allowed me to use a long shutter speed such as 1/15s without a tripod.